img_aboutMy family laid the foundation for me. Brought up in the environment of Folk Music from my early childhood, I was deeply influenced by my grandfather GOSAI ‘Shri Bramha Pada Sikari’, my uncle & and my father who introduced me to Lalon Geeti, Mahajani Pad, Baul, Gajon, and other forms of Folk Music. So as you see, it all started on the soil of South Bengal where from the denizens I drew the inspiration to imbibe the true spirit of Folk Music. Subsequently, owing to my father’s transferable job, we moved around quite a bit and it was during this phase that I was exposed to other music forms like Bhojpuri, Bihu, Santhaly, Qawwali. I also learnt & have been performing other forms like Tusu, Bhadu, Jhumur, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Chotka, Sari, Agamani & Prabhati. I remain indebted forever to all those around me who ushered in me at an early age an intense desire to become a folk artist.

Fortunately in the early nineties my marriage to Krishnendu landed me in Nadia and I whole heatedly dedicated myself to ‘Lalon Geeti’. With passing time my association with different Bauls & Fakirs gave me an insight into their lifestyle & philosophy which is by itself a very interesting dimension if we keep aside the lyrical & melody components. At times I have been very inspired and motivated by some of my acquaintances in Bangladesh and have learnt a lot from them too. Quite interestingly, in the meanwhile my only daughter Ayushi grew up and developed a passion for folk music and a couple of years back she matured into a good performer. We have been performing together since then. This new journey of Ila Maa & Ayushi is a path lined with melody, lyrics, feelings & rhythm soaked in the wilderness of the Ganges & Jalongi.

We, Ila Maa & Ayushi incessantly dream of spreading the folk music form of Bengal all across the globe and are sure that in the near future the essence of Lalon Geeti & other folk music forms originating from this holy land would regain its popularity not only among the masses of Bengal or India but also leave an everlasting impression across different countries & cultures.

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